Photonics technology, similar to semiconductor technology, is becoming an integral part of future technology. Most advanced technologies such as robotics, IoT, AI and more, largely rely on photonics. Presently, nearly all technical applications are conducted using semiconductors. However, it is expected that effective and reliable photonic gadgets will soon replace the existing semiconductors.

The characteristics of photonic gadgets create additional dimensions such as energy-saving, expanded communication distance, and enlarged bandwidth. Moreover, photonic devices are not sensitive to interference with physical characteristics like:

  • SGH or SFG imaging and spectroscopy
  • Sensing applications and biological imaging
  • Multi-mode fibre imaging
  • Ultra electron diffraction

Applications of Photonic Devices

Photonic technology is being embraced in many sectors. Thus, the application of photonic devices is ubiquitous in all departments ranging from advanced science to daily life operations. Some of the applications of photonic devices include optical data devices, fibre optics, laser printing, and high power laser.

The application of photonic devices is not limited and comprises gadgets essential in chemical synthesis, data communication, laser defence, fusion energy and medical diagnostics. Highlighted below are some devices used in photonic technology and application of the technology.

  • Consumer gadgets- printer, DVD, remote devices, barcode gadgets and blue-ray gadgets
  • Telecommunication-optical converters and optical fibre communication devices
  • Medicine- devices for poor eyesight correction, tattoo removal, laser surgery and surgical endoscopy
  • Industrial manufacturing- welding laser devices, drillers, laser cutters, and surface modifying gadgets
  • Construction-laser range-finding devices, laser levelling and smart structure gadgets
  • Entertainment-beam effects, holographic art and laser shows
  • Photonic computing-printed circuit board, quantum computing, optoelectronic circuits and clock distribution
  • Metrology- range-finding, frequency measurements

The Bottom Line

For various technologies like AI and IoT to succeed, semiconductors and photonic will be necessary. With already established scientific knowledge of light theory, it’s predicted that photonic will become a significant investment. Read this post to learn some essential photonic gadgets and their applications.