Game developers are always prowling for good themes to incorporate in their hard work. Since these developers are considered scientists, it does not take them a long time to explore the world. Basically, there are a few slot games that come with a science theme. But with technology advancement and scientific developments, science will become an exploited topic in the industry of video slots. Contrary to the opinions of some people, science can be easy and exciting at the same time. Hence, science can easily be broken down to comprehensible components that are associated with video slots.

Doctor’s Orders

In this time and era, people rely heavily on medicines. Doctor’s Orders is one of the video slots that concentrate on the difficulties of a sick individual. Based on this slot, a sick individual who is having bed rest is surrounded by various medical supplies. These medical necessities are supposed to reinstate the condition of the sick person. Therefore, to reap medical gains, you can visit to find the best slot games. For a beginner, this might be a strange theme, but if you take a closer look at interesting symbols in this slot, you’ll feel much better. The symbols of this slot game include capsules, natural remedies, and thermometers.

Gold Lab

Gold Lab is a slot game that can be fun to play for both average players and science geeks without a theme preference. This slot game introduces a genius and mad Dexter who is more than determined to come up with a formula of making gold coins. The setting of Gold Lab places this genius Dexter in the modern laboratories to mix precious gems and various coloured potions. The graphics of this slot game are simple and clean, yet engaging because they have excellent sound and animations.

Big Bang

Big Bang is a slot game that concentrates on deep science. Studying space is one subject that cannot cease to amaze many scientists. But to make the subject more interesting, scientists have to explore the gaming industry. The result of this exploration is that scientists and game developers came up with a 25-line and 5-reel slot game. Paying lines of this game are basically fixed. So, the features of this game amaze many gamblers.


Typically, many slot games come with science themes. Some of these slot games are interesting and fun to play. Hence, if you are searching for science-themed slot games, you may consider playing Big Bang, Gold Lab, and Doctor’s Orders.